I found a SAFE home finally!

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Purred: Sun Sep 1, '13 7:32am PST 
I was once a House kitten. One day whoever had me decided they did not want me anymore. They took me to a demolition site and threw me in the dumpster. While I was in there I cut the skin off of a part of my front leg. I don't know how long I was in there but suddenly the dumpster was moving and then it reached this place FULL of trash and dumped me and all the stuff out. I heard this loud grinding noise (I found out later they were compacting the trash) and I was so scared! I made it to the top and RAN! They were looking for me for a day. Little did they know I found a way to sneak into the office...then...someone spoted me! They put me into a large kennel and was asking around if anyone would take me. Finaly this big guy named Rich decided he would bring me home. I got there and his wife Kandy bandaged me up giving me tons of kisses. 5 kids swarmed around me petting me and trying to feed me. Kandy kept cleaning my wounds until she could get me into the vet a few days later. I had to get staples in my leg to close the wound (7 OF THEM!) and I had to be dewormed (I got a bad case of them they say). I am taking antibiotics twice a day. Kandy keeps me in her room for now. She wants to make sure the kids don't bother me much until I am all healed up.
I got to meet the other pets too. I got to Meet Akachan another kitty, Sweetpea and Spook the rats (Spook is a scardy rat and jumps at everything!), get out boys and don't touch boys my sisters hermit crabs, 14 of these things that swim around in the water and Poptart a tasty looking bird. I am still very scared but I LOVE to be loved on! I always sleep with Mom and Dad (Who by the way "HATES" cats and is allergic to us but loves on me as much as my new mommy!) on their bed.
I am so happy to have a new home!


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Purred: Mon Sep 2, '13 4:31am PST 
Love this story - thanks Rayna!


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applauseapplauseMade me smileapplauseapplause


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Congratulations on finding your furrever home, Rayna.


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Made me smile as well! Congratulations and what an adventure you had too! laugh out loudapplause


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Concatulations on your new life and home, Rayna! way to gohug


Every kitty can- have a- purrrrfect home.-
Purred: Wed Nov 13, '13 8:18am PST 
An update to my tail. I am stll a bit skiddish. I hate strangers but looovvee my mom and dad. I sleep on moms back at night. I have gained 4 pounds since this was posted. Akachan and I get along now (took us a few weeks and a few disagrements). She decided I am queen kitty in this house. Thank you all for the well wishes. Mommy had to turn the internet off for a while so I did not get to respond.