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Hello -

We are from Metamora IL. Where we live a few years ago we found a few stray kittens around our yard. Now it was developed into 6 cats (two are pregnant) and 3 kittens. It is now getting to the point where people in our area are very cruel to the animals. I have heard people say they are poisoning and hurting the kittens. Even a kid who threw one into the lake. I am in desperate need to bring these babies to a NO kill shelter. Below is the description of the cats. We are willing to transport them anywhere and even make a small donation to help get them started. Please contact me if you know of anyone that can take them in!

Mamma kitten is about 2 years old. She showed up in October 2011. Her first litter was 1 female and 2 males born April 2012. Her second litter was 2 females born in October 2012. The third litter is 3 kittens that were born Feb 2013.

Contact Jamie @ jamiedelap@yahoo.com or 309-397-8131.

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They multiple before you know it. Perhaps your local vet could suggest a place, they may even have a bulletin board where you could post them to find them homes. Just make sure you screen potential adopters as well as possible, sometimes "free" animals do not end up in the best of situations.


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Please get those cats/kittens out of that situation ASAP. Even if you cannot locate the type of shelter that you seek, if people are starting to hurt and abuse these cats they need to out of there NOW