I Found Me a Kitten...Woooof

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Oy, that we don't need any more cats...we have seven already...which reminds me, do the litter boxes tonight...but really, we have seven cats, two nutty dawgs, rats, a tank of fish, plants outside that need attention...

Minding my own business today leaving the dentist office and there was this noise coming from a front yard...a bird? a cat on someone's porch? What it sounded like was a toy maybe. I couldn't see anything near where the noise was coming from.

Maybe some kid came by and dropped a toy and it was going to just keep squealing till the batteries ran out. I looked under this porch, under the bushes, on the roof to see if it was a bird, the noise was echoing though, near the porch, under the sidewalk, near the porch, but I didn't see anything at all...but the noise kept starting and stopping, then louder than before.

Maybe it was a cat on a back porch or in a window somewhere...I was just ready to head back to my car...then I saw an ear and eye in the shadows. Then it disappeared. There must have been a space between the steps and the concrete...UNDER the sidewalk.

Back to this porch, it was covered on all sides by lacework, except one spot that was broken enough edge to for a critter to get in easy, not big enough for feeling around in there though. I got the bend in a bit, don't need anyone coming home thinking I'm wrecking their house.

Then I leaned in and waited...a truck driver noticed my butt as he pulled in, thanks for the compliment son...and I waited...the mews picked up in volume and it stared at me...by now I had my whole upper body wedged in with my arm above the hole the kitten kept scooting back into.

Finally it came out a bit past the hole and I scooped it up. Cute, well-fed, gray, about 4-8 weeks and what a set of pipes! There are a lot of street and house cats in the area. There is also a lot of road kill along this street, very busy road. Maybe Mama just didn't come back? I dunno, but it's been well cared for, not feral. Just real small, probably weaned, but tiny. If anybody lives in New Jersey and you're interested in a sweet baby...write to me.

I wouldn't take him/her, haven't looked at the gender yet, I wouldn't take it to a shelter, this is the beginning of kitten season and they probably have more than they know what to do with.

I mean there's always room for one more, but the dogs and work take a lot of attention...it would probably
be happier with a house of fewer critters...but like I said if we can't find a better home we can add it to our menagerie...

It's cute-my husband always insists he's not really a cat person. But late night I go up and read in bed surrounded by the dogs. He stays downstairs for awhile, a cat on his lap, one on the arm rest, one on the back of the chair...maybe he's sharing his ice cream...