Can I have a friend?

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I'm a 4 years old female and I have a bit of a temper. I'm very shy and easily frightened; it took me a while to adjust to my new home. All my life, I only lived with humans and my roomies are wondering if having a another cat would be a good idea since they can't always play with me. The thing is, my home is small. There is no room that can be closed to isolate one cat from the other, which would complicate the transition. Also, I'm declawed on all four paws and I tend to bite when I'm scared instead of fleeing.

Any thoughts?
Also, I tried asking elsewhere, but if someone can help tell me what breed I am (I only know I'm a mix!) it would be nice.

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Tofu, you look like you could have a bit of Maine Coon ancestry, you are very pretty! You might do well having a friend, my meowmy Wanda was a only cat when I came along (a young kitten at the time) and she adopted me after some time as her own, she never had any kittens of her own. We got along great, she never liked any of the others after me, but she loved me.


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Welcome, Tofu!
I had an older male cat companion, but unfortunately he went Beyond when I was 6 years old and I was alone for a while. The cat mother waited for about three months to see how I did as an only cat. Well, she is cool, but does not throw a good paperball and I was bored. We were told I was not too old for a new pal, so the cat mother got Jacques, who was 3 months old. I never had kittens and it worked out really well! Of course, I had already experienced living with another cat...
I would suggest a younger male with a quiet temperament. Maybe 4 months or so. They know at the shelters if a cat is wild or calm. Please feel free to ask the cat mother for more about the experience.
Oh, and our family does not believe in long "transitioning," no matter what others say!

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I think a friend would be a fine idea, especially a kitten since you don't have claws. That way the kitten could grow up around you and as a kitten you wouldn't have to worry about him or her fighting with you like an older cat might. I think you must be part Persian, beautiful fur...I'm jealous