Disabled Kitten (Can't use her back legs)

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Kitty Meow- (Disabled- Kitten)

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Hi there,

I was in Peterborough mid July, and I found a disabled kitten in the hotel parking lot. She has no use of her back limbs and had large open wounds on the tops of her paws from continually dragging them. I took her to a vet the next day since I found her late at night, and he prescribed me an antibiotic for her wounds and a topical treatment for them. She was severely malnourished and weighed under a pound. The vet
estimated that she was between 8-10 weeks old, as she had some of her teeth already. He said she didn't have any feeling in her back legs and that she'd never be able to walk again. When I brought her to my vet at home in Newmarket a week later she performed a pinch test on her toes, and the kitten was retracting her paws. She had also gained a little over a pound. She has control of her bowels, but not as much over her bladder, so sometimes she leaks. We have put her in diapers for now to help prevent messes. There's a spot in her spine where some of the discs appear to be rotated to the left, then it goes back to normal. Both vets I spoke to aren't sure if it's a birth defect or
if she had an accident earlier before I found her. I brought her again to the vet the other week and the vet says she is growing proportionally and about average for a kitten her age and has a clean bill of health
other than her inability to use her back legs. She plays like a normal kitten, runs up and down the stairs, climbs onto the couches and bed and jumps off of them, but as I mentioned, she wears a diaper because
she doesn't have complete control.

The vet suggested we look into getting a cart for her, so that she isn't constantly dragging herself everywhere and potentially getting new wounds. But she said she's not very familiar with anyone who does
that sort of thing. She also suggested taking her to a specialist that will do some kind of dye test to see if any nerves are pinched. My only concern is the cost, as I'm still a student, so I don't have thousands of dollars to pay for potential surgery or multiple tests to determine the problem. I thought I'd look to you guys to see if you know of anyone who makes carts for cats, or anyone who might be able to offer another option for her?
Is there any thing I can do in the meantime that might give a little more insight as to what's going on that isn't going to put me thousands of dollars in debt?