3 Abandoned Kittens in Central Ohio Need Foster or Forever Home ASAP!

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Purred: Fri Sep 21, '12 7:13am PST 
A month ago my mom & I found 3 abandoned kittens on our back porch. These kittens were only around 2.5 weeks old. Their mother is a feral cat who had 6 kittens under my house. The 3 she abandoned were the smallest, & we think she couldn't produce enough milk for all of them (mother kitty was extremely emaciated when she first showed up...we've been working hard to beef her up & in the past month she's put on a good amount of weight & the 3 kittens she kept are thriving!)

My mom & I have worked so hard to get these 3 abandoned kittens to where they are (many exhausting nights taking shifts to bottle feed). They are now 6.5 weeks old. The problem is, is we have 8 rescue cats who are stressed because of these kittens. We have the kittens quarenteened in the master bathroom & connected master bedroom. Our house is fairly small & several of our rescues are displaced because they can't get in where the kittens are. Our cats don't all get along & they have their own territories & safe-spots & several of them call that area of our house their territory. So I'm extremely worried about our 8 rescues, many whom are elderly or have special needs.

I REALLY need someone who can take these kittens & either foster them or adopt them. They are completely domesticated & super sweet & playful. We have been working hard litter training them, they have been wormed twice, & they are already on kitten chow. There is a tiger-stripped male named Raja, & two black females (Cocoa & Samara) who both have a little white under their necks.

If you live in or around Central Ohio & would be willing to foster or adopt these kittens, please let me know. I have reached out to several rescue orgs & the Humane Society, & can't find anyone able to take these kittens. For the sake of my 8 rescues (who are my #1 priority) I need to find these kittens a home. I live 20 min North of Columbus, Ohio so if you live nearby, & are willing to help, please let me know!

Thank you so much!