Am I a bad person if...

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I try to rehome my cat. My allergies are getting worse, pretty much out of control. I love my Princess. She is litter-box trained, very sweet, not a huge cuddler but really likes to be petted. She is also spayed and chipped. I have trained her to use her scratching posts and she doesn't even bother with the furniture. Don't really know how she would be with another cat, would be okay with dogs though. If anyone can help, even just to help me feel less guilty. cry

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You're not a bad person, so long as you find a wonderful and respeonsible forever home for her. You can do this in several ways-DO NOT POST TO CRAIGSLIST!!!!!!!!!!

Work with a local rescue. Ask if you can have her 'shown'. You'll need to probably make a donation and make sure she's up to date medically. Many small rescues can help with this.

I am goint to ask you this though: have you tried everything?

Husband and I live with 6 cats. He has COPD. I have asthma. Our cat Ruffy has chronic lung issues.

We use air purifiers in our small apartment. We have one small carpet we vacum daily. We also vacum our upholstry, couch, chairs.

Our cats get baths. As much for them as for us.

We no longer drink milk and have cut back on most other dairy. It's helped.

There are usually ways around placing an animal. I know. I am 'allergic' to cat dander and worked in a shelter for 15 years. Your body will develop an immunity with time.


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First, I'm allergic to milk/dairy products, haven't had cheese in years. I drink plenty of water too. I have either hardwood or tile floors, a few rugs (most of which get washed in the washer at least once a week). I own a Dyson with hard floor attachment as well as wands to vacuum the sofa, etc. My sheets, etc., get washed once a week. I brush her, and use a Furminator every 6 months.

I have UV/ionic filters in each room. I use dust free litter. I also have a humidifier (don't use it all the time - I live in a humid environment). My central heating/AC also has UV and ionic filters on the intake as well as in the main ducts, which are serviced every six months.

Lastly, I have an auto-immune disorder that messes with my histamines to begin with, so my allergies don't manifest in my nose, throat, eyes or lungs per se. My lymph nodes swell up, my joints all swell and I have significant pain with any significant allergy attack.

I actually was NOT allergic to cats per my skin test three years ago. This is my first cat and she really adopted me, not the other way around. I have had her a little over a year, and not really had any problems that couldn't be handled with a good vacuuming and some benadryl as relates to my girl. Now my skin test is really positive for cat dander.

She is due for her yearly check up and shots, I will get that done first. She is also microchipped. I am not using Craig's List, wouldn't dream of it. I am not taking her to a shelter. Right now just asking people I know if they could take her. My sister is considering it (she has had many cats in the past and never been allergic), but that may not pan out. I may consider some type of rescue if I can't find someone to take her.

So, yes, I have tried as much as I can try. And I will happily suffer a few more weeks until I know I can put her in a good place. Its not like she is clawing, biting, attacking and chewing up the furniture or anything. I'm just feeling really bad about the whole thing, almost cry when she crawls onto my chest at night and curls up to go to sleep while purring (yeah, last place she should be, I know).


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You are NOT a bad person for trying to find your cat a new loving home. It's not like you knew you would have allergies that bad. Good luck finding her a new home!



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It's a shame we are on opposite sides of the pond crycrycry

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Hey Kiddo, please don't feel bad. I totally understand what you're going through as I'm in a similar position. My mom hasn't been doing very well in the last 4 years, so our lives will be changing drastically, and we have 2 homes lined up for Jellybean. When we got Jellybean, we of course had no way of knowing that my mom would get sick 3 years later. I hope your sister can take in Kittybaby. Please feel free to pmail me if it makes you feel better. I will be here if you need me. smile


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So, I have spent the last few weeks trying to find a home for her on my own with no success. My sister cannot take her. I am missing a day of work today because my pain is too bad - NOT GOOD. It is becoming critical that I rehome her. I have posted pics, tried multiple places at work and around my apartment complex. The rescue organizations are full with feral kittens they are trying to rehome. I am getting desperate, now looking at (gasp!) either Craigs list or a shelter. She is a VERY adoptable cat, it isn't her that is the problem, it is me. I am scared and worried.

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Here is a list of Texas No Kill rescues and shelters. http://www.nokillnetwork.org/d/Texas/
Call and/or e-mail them all. If they are all full, ask if you could "sponsor" her in a foster home of theirs or if they can find one. Sometimes it's cost more than space that causes rescues to be full. Look them up on Facebook. Post her photo on their page and ask for help- say it's urgent. I know this can be hard. I see groups on FB easily getting people volunteering to be foster homes and donating money, and offering transport for animals care when they are in danger at high kill animal controls. Then I think about all the ones locally that no one cares about. I guess it's about getting the word out...
Look up No Kill Texas, Austin Pets Alive...someone has to be willing to help and with FB posting there is a better chance of finding a foster.
You can also try Huckabees (FB) in Indiana. They use transports to pick up animals in southern states on death row.
Just don't give up and ask EVERYONE in rescue. Make as much noise as possible!

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No, you are NOT a bad person, and it sounds as if you are doing everthing possible to find your cat a safe, loving home.

Sounds like you have gotten some good suggestions and names of places to contact. You and your fubaby are in our meowmy's daily prayers.

Please post and let us know how things are going.

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