Thinking about adopting kittens- Question!

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Hi all. I'm new around here smile

I have been fostering two kittens for my local animal shelter. As I have no other pets, I have been thinking about applying to adopt them when they are old enough to go up for adoption. I am a bit concerned though, because they had a traumatic start to life. They were found abandoned outside in a box being attacked by a dog frown

They are very sweet and seem to have made it through the experience ok, but I am worried they will have anxiety issues later in life. Also, I want to eventually adopt a dog or puppy (maybe in about 4 years). I am worried that the kittens will grow up to always be afraid of dogs because of this early terrifying experience.

It is important to me to adopt well adjusted kittens/cats because I will be in law school and won't have enough time for a "project" pet, unfortunately.

Thanks for your input!

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Hi back at you, and welcom to CATSTER. If the kittens have bonded to you and are sweet and friendly I would say they have no more memories of being attacked by a dog. And bless you for fostering them, and wanting to give them a furrever home. When you are ready for a dog, go to a shelter or rescue....they can tell you if a dog is good with cats, has been around cats, etc. Good idea to wait until you are out of law school, you certainly won't have time for a "project pet". I would add that is possible, you "introduce" your cats to other dogs, a friend's dog for instance who yuou KNOW is good around cats. That way they can be used to dogs.

Many other CATSTER members can add to this, there are so many members who are very knowledge about cat (and dog) behavior.

Good luck with your kittens (and law school), we look forward to seeing photos of your furbabies.

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Well, thank you for fostering these guys. As Mommy was a 'foster mom' to an older kitty who has since gotten a home, and since mommy wanted to keep her but knew it was in the kitties best intreest when a home came along that adored Delilah, she did allow Delilah to be adopted. She felt tht since there are 6 of us now, and that many of us are 'special needs' with the exception of the 2 youngest, that it was better Delilah have a home where she could have alot of the attention.
There is at least one other catster mom on board here who has been through law school and has furs, both dog and kitty. You might want to ask Ingen about that.

the other thing is this-and this comes from mommy:

How much do you love these babies that you are willing to make time for them down the road? Kittens are easy to love and become attached to. They are very easy to welcome in, and fall in love with.

However, all cats have vet bills, and require love, attention, brushing, loving on. Kittens are babies, and will need follow up shots, neuteringing, and will go through the wild phase where they play like crazy!

That said, I wouldn't trade if for the world. But it's alot of work, responsiblity, and yes, time. They will take time, and want to play and be paid attention to. My concern would be that your schedule will be intense and you won't have time for them. They are much easier to find permanent homes for when they are little-somoene here just had a year old cat returned because they were 'moving'.

Consider this carefully....a dog is down the road, but would you be willing to put aside having a dog if your kitties didn't adjust? Are you willing to commit to having them be the first and foremost in your life? Are you willing to set aside play time and vet time for them out of your scheudle? I work full time and am in Grad school, and have 6 cats, and of the 6, 4 have had medical issues....and it can be exhausting.

I don't want to discourage you....I think it's fantatic and so wonderful and kind of you to Foster....and to consider adopting. But just wanted to play advoate here and give you something to think about...

purrs no matter what you decide,
Ruffy and mom, Deb