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As a general rule, families adopt pets. In our case, the opposite has come true. A kitten has recently adopted us. Not long back, a stray cat had managed to install her squealing, squirming mass of kittens in a portion of our rambling house. One by one, the healthier and more adventurous members of the litter vanished away into the big bad world.

This kitten is quite extra-ordinary. I think my mum has explained her behaviour better in an article she wrote - http://www.fogs.com/articles/adopted-by-a-kitten-1614

People who have experience with cats and kittens, please tell me if they have any experiences close to this?
Since the mother abandoned the kitten, and she is displaying a behaviour so bizarre, will my kitten survive?

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To give you answer to your question, may we ask what sort of behavior is she displaying? And about how old is the kitten. There are many, many CATSTER members who are very good with answers re kitten/cat behavior, but would need to know more specifics. Strange behaviors could also be signs of of an illness.

I am in no way an expert, but have been owned for cats for many, many years, and would be glad to offer my suggestions.

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