Incredible Cat Survival Story

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Piney was was found on Saturday, 03/03/2012, taking shelter in a pine tree about 3 stories high in a condo development in North Reston during a thunderstorm. Food was set for her at the bottom of the tree but she was too scared to try to climb down to get it. Two days later she was still up there. On the third day, she had disappeared, and it was thought that she had managed to get down and had run away. Another day went by and there were no signs of Piney, except for meowing coming from somewhere up in the trees. On Thursday, 03/09/2012, Piney was spotted. Instead of coming down from the tree she was in, she had managed to climb to the next tree and up even higher, placing her at 60-75 ft high, if not 100 ft. The fire dept had been called and had come out 4 times and were unable to help. Animal Control was also unable to help. All that was left was calling a tree service. The tree service came out on Friday, 03/10/2012. They promptly climbed up the tree, attempting to rescue Piney. But she was so scared that she climbed up even higher and eventually jumped from the tree. A 4Paws volunteer who was on site with the tree climber had to chase Piney who ran from her even though she had severely injured her leg. Once Piney was caught, she had to be rushed to the vet’s office. She was severely dehydrated from not having any food or water in over a week. She had sustained a broken thorax and a compound fracture to one of her legs. She had to be transferred to an emergency vet to be monitored overnight. Her breathing was heavily labored which prevented her from having surgery on her leg until her breathing had stabilized, meanwhile leaving her leg exposed to bacteria. Piney’s breathing has now improved and she will be having surgery. Her vet expenses are going to be a great burden for a non-profit rescue group to endure. Please consider contributing to Piney’s vet bills.
Thank you.

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Oh, wow! What a lovely survival story. It's sad to hear of cats in those kind of situations, but I am glad the cat had a happy ending.