What is Your Favorite Rescue Organization in New York City?

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Hello everypaw,

I am an HQ kitty, my guardian is Catster's Community Manager.

We are pawticipating in a conference in NYC in October and would like to work with a local rescue organization on an adoption event. We would really like to work with an organization that members of our Community are really passionate about!

Do you have a favorite rescue organization in New York City? Do you volunteer for a rescue in NYC?

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Please check out the Mayor's Alliance here in NYC. They are a coalition of rescues that also do a huge amount of work themselves to rescue kitties. I foster a lot of special needs cats for them and they're really wonderful.

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We're the volunteer managers of Bobbi and the Strays Cat House in Long Island City.
Bobbi took over the Cat House 3 1/2 years ago from Calla, who ran I Love Animals. Sadly, Calla became ill, and could not manage the rescue any longer, which is a unique place.

It's old, it's ramshakle, it smells of mold and mildew. It needs alot of repair and constant cleaning.

We don't cage any cats, except for right now one little kitten becaues he's so little.

We always need volunteers who know and understand cats. Many of ours are formerly feral, some have health issues, some are simply very shy and others are fine, some have behavioral issues.

We also have a small space dedicated to FELV+ cats. It's in the attic and tiny, but houses right now 6 FELV cats.

If you would like to volunteer, or know of anyone who would, pleae have them contact us at my email darkfyre4@aol.com. We always need good 'cat people' who aren't afraid of cats or doing alot of cleaning!


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Thanks BK and Bella!cloud 9