I wasn't quite ready to love again, but few months ago a cat tested FLV+ showed up and stayed.

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I JUST created a profile for him because we weren't sure if he'd be going to an FeLV cat sanctuary or not, since we couldn't keep him at this house with Velcro. The sanctuary is full, so right now he's with us either for his life or until someone who wants to adopt a cat that tested FeLV comes along (I want to get him retested, have it sent to an out lab, but it's going to be quite expensive so it'll be a couple months).

A few months ago a young (probably around 7 months to 1 year according to the vet that did his vaccines/neuter/microchip/exam) a Siamese mix cat showed up on our property. We located the old owners and they said "yeah, it WAS my cat. Just get rid of it, seriously, just get rid of it". He was skinny, had conjunctivitis in his eyes and of course never neutered, vaccinated, or microchipped. The old home KNEW something was up and abandoned him, they didn't care who knew they did it; no shame or conscience at all. One day he bolted into our house when my fiance's father opened the door to start feeding the feral cats. We kept him outdoors and then at my mother's other house so he couldn't be exposed to Velcro who was already sick with feline herpes, since we had no idea what he had.

Now he is fixed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and has put on a healthy weight. The vet told us where we could get eye antibiotics for conjunctivitis and we did, and that's all finally cleared up. He's a very affectionate cat and loves to run around the house and play. He looks different color-wise when we got him (developed a dark "saddle" and some darker facial coloring), but kept his gorgeous blue eyes. We'll be moving him over as soon as we can sterilize floors, furniture, etcetera in the house that Velcro was on so he doesn't risk getting feline herpes (even though we had him vaccinated for it, better to be safe than sorry).

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Ralphie & Randy

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Aw, such a handsome kitty!

What horrible people to toss a sick little creature out into the world. He's so lucky to have found you! You are wonderful to take care of him and make sure his special needs are met. I hope you'll post an update when you decide whether you will give him a forever home or if he'll go to another loving family.

I'm sorry about your Velcro.


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Check with your vet first, but have you tried l-Lysine supplements? That's been a miracle for my Coopurr, who has feline herpes. Coop came home from the shelter with non-healing corneal ulcers. With treatment, it cleared up. The ulcer is still there, but it's now dormant. And the Lysine really does seem to keep the herpes at bay.

They make it in several forms -- treats, paste,etc. -- and I give Coop the treats daily to maintain. And if he gets eye goop or the sniffles, I up it a bit.

Again, check with your vet, but I do know that it's helped Coop tremendously.

Coop's mom


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Thank you guys. We gave Velcro L-Lysine for her feline herpes. It helped somewhat (though when she had bad flareups they got really bad despite everything), gave her double dose which her vet said was fine. I'm not sure if it would help with FeLV (what Vincent has), but I figure since it's an immune system booster it can't hurt to put it in Vincent's wet and raw food like we did with Velcro's.

We're going to slowly transition him over to this house. I have to see how he gets along with the smaller animal rescues (we've had for a couple years before finding Vincent), and make sure he won't be too perturbed by the dogs who can be pushy at first out of intense curiosity about new animals. If he's too stressed by the dogs' initial pushiness, or has a really high prey drive we will have to look for a different forever home. But I'm hoping things work out just fine here, obviously.

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Pete- Fountain

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Vincent is one handsome cat, and so lucky to have found your house!! I HATE it when people just "dispose" of a cat, as though it was an old newspaper. Bless you for taking him in and making sure he got the care needed.

Please keep us updated on Vincent....and welcome to CATSTER Vincet!!!

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Thank you Pete's parent (sorry, not sure if you're a cat mom or dad). I will definitely keep you all posted. It's been too hot and muggy here (the other house is quite comfortable though, so no worries about Vincent in that regard) to run a steam cleaner/shampooer and get on the ground to sterilize everything for Vincent to come over.

Vincent does look different from his profile picture, but I haven't been able to get pictures due to the camera batteries dying (just got new ones the other day, so updated pictures coming soon). He has a dark "saddle" on him, is a bit darker all around, and has darker markings on his face. He's kept his gorgeous blue eyes though. He's such a pretty cat, and so friendly; I'm amazed no one else took him in despite the conjunctivitis in his eyes (cleared up wonderfully now).