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need help trapping kittens

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Purred: Fri Aug 12, '11 3:57am PST 
Hi efuryone!

My gamma has stray kittens under her house, she needs good advice on trapping them. They will come up to the porch to eat but run away when Gamma comes along, is this a sign they are feral? (just curious)

There are 3 kittens....Gamma will bring in the mama (Susie) first so she won't get trapped accidentally...should she use a large trap or small one? She has one of each. Also should she set the trap in the evening or morning?

Once these babies are trapped and brought in, they're getting immediate vet care (including spay/neuter if they're old enough) and mama will be spayed.

Tanks fur your help!

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Purred: Fri Aug 12, '11 9:53am PST 
OK we are adding some info, maybe someone will be able to assist...the shelters won't cuz they're full and busy.... (SIGH) Gamma lives in Potter county, PA. She lives in Bingham township, but the mailing address is Ulysses. It's in north central PA near the NY state border. She is about an hour's drive from Corning, NY and 2 or 3 hours south of Buffalo, NY. rnrnthe 3 kittens are...a gray one (male?) Gamma named Rascal...a beige & white calico named Ginger....and a tan & white calico named Daisy. They are (WE THINK) about 2 to 3 months old. They eat wet food. They're playful and Gamma says "big"....but we don't know what that means since we haven't seen piccies or anything. We already contacted the only shelter around and they are busy and full they said with waiting lists, so no go. The vet in Gamma's area (Wellsville, NY) doesn't take kittens either fur adoption. We don't want to just give them to any stranger, so if you know someone in Gamma's area who'd love a booful calico kitty, or a gray kitty, contact my Mama (Lynda) here on Catster and we will pass the info to my Gamma! Gamma or Mama will be glad to give you directions, contact info and more. OK? THANK YOU!!!

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