Cat living on my deck...

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Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Thu Aug 11, '11 4:38am PST 
For the past week, there has been a cat living on my deck. I don't mean just sitting there occasionally, I mean sleeping all night there, waking up there when I leave for work. Eating, drinking, lounging on my deck. It never goes away. Its super friendly. Has a collar, but no tag.

I'm afraid to touch it. It rubs up against my legs, but I think of stray cats, I think diseases. I know thats probably not the case, but thats just me. Plus, If I were to touch it, Hunter might catch some disease from it. So I talk to it. It meows back, has some sort of raspy meow.

I feed it Hunters Kibble. Hunter doesn't really eat kibble so I have no problem with that. I spent way too much money on his wet food, that I can't give it to a stray cat. Is it even a stray? It has a very loose collar.

I don't want it living on my deck. I know it sounds mean. I just invision Hunter escaping and getting FIV from this cat, or fleas, or some sort of other disease. I feel really bad for it. Its dying for human affection, but its so dirty.

What do I do? I don't want it on my deck. Its not going away. Can I legally bring it to the pound? It does have a collar, so it is/was someones pet. The cat is definately NOT feral by any means.

I mentioned to my parents that I'd save up, bring it to the vets and then they could essentially adopt it. That was a big NO. They said that Teaka (my yorkie) would try to kill it.

I'm at a loss. What do I do? I really wish the cat would find another home. Plus its almost september, and I live in NH, it gets cold here... Poor kitty.


go getter kitter
Purred: Thu Aug 11, '11 6:33am PST 
If you don't want the cat on your deck, you have to stop feeding it, right now. Having already trained him to hang out on the deck by feeding it, though, you will probably have to walk the neighborhood to see if anyone knows whose cat it is, and if no one knows, call AC to pick him up. It definitely is NOT feral, being it's wearing a collar, and rubbing all over you. But it could have been dumped out. And if you want to pet it, go ahead, just wash your hands after. But petting will make it want to stay around even more. Just saying--if you don't want strays hanging around, you can't feed or be nice to them, period. Sorry.

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Sun Aug 14, '11 10:48am PST 
Well I found the owner. Irresponsible owner at that. We have brought the cat back to the owner 3 times. The owner keeps on letting the cat outside. The cat, comes back to my deck. I have had serious talks with my parents maybe they would bring the cat in, nope. As it is, they sometimes think Hunter should go outside. I feel so bad. It has an owner so I'm glad I'm not responsible for it. I'm not feeding it anymore. Its so skinny. frown I just hope it doesn't die on my deck.

Momma Kitty

Purred: Sun Aug 14, '11 6:51pm PST 
It will go look for food elsewhere or go home, it won't just sit there and die. And if you have a problem with it being there see if your town has a cat rescue that will take it in, since it's owners don't seem to care.