Seeking Special Foster parent or adoption for CeeCee

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Dear Everyone,

Mommy and Daddy rescued a very special kitty. Her name is Cee Cee. Cee Cee is believed to have belonged to someone who passed away. She was found by a nice person who does rescue, and the woman, who had 30 cats herself, was having CeeCee cared for by a neighbor in his garage, along with 2 other cats. One of the cats-the cat who was CeeCee's 'BFF' was adopted out. I'm sure the woman didn't realize what it would do to CeeCee.

Shortly after we got her to the Cat House, CeeCee would spend hours staring out a back window, as though looking for something or someone. In the beginning, she would eat, then, as she began to give up hope, she stopped eating altogether.

She was taken to the Rescue's vet who at first suggested Euthanasia, stating CeeCee was an older cat, and time and money were best spent on 'young, healthy and adoptable animals.' My husband and I told he and the rescue 'no way! This cat hasn't had a chance to have anyone prove to her people aren't going to deprive her of the last thing she has...her life! We fought and they agreed to treat CeeCee. They inserted a feeding tube through her neck that will be removed when she is well enough and is eating enough on her own.
We have been told CeeCee needs a calm, gentle environment. We don't have that-and she'll be coming home to us til we can figure something else out. There are no confinements for her in the Cat House (the rescue/sanctuary) but she wouldn't be monitored the way she needs to be, and we need to keep an eye on her with the tube in.

We know it's a longshot, but we are searching for a special foster home or potential adopter for CeeCee who could offer her love, attention, kisses, and be willing to give her a chance to trust again.

The tube feeding will not be forever. We believe CeeCee stopped eating because she lost all hope and was grieving. Yesterday the vets office told us she ate some ham on her own! She seems to be coming around!

CeeCee is 10 years old. She's a calico tortie tabby. She's incredibly gentle and friendly. She's ok with other cats. She adores people. When I was taking her to the vet on the day she was seen, she kneaded my lap and licked my hands and face.

In our small apartment for now she'll need to be in a cage, as we aren't sure how our resident cats will take her-Smokie is very very territorial and hates anyone who comes into his space-he's already stressed by it. She'll probably live in a cage in the bedroom with Natalie, up out of Natalies range, but we know this won't be ideal and far from stress free.

We are seeking a caring, calm home for her. We are in the NYC area, and are willing to seek further afield if need be. Please let us know if you'd be interested in meeting her!

Bella and her Mom, Deb


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I wish she was here in England, I would take her and keep her. Gpood luck finding the special home this special girl needs so badly, and god bless you fro insisting she wasn't sent to the bridge.flowers


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Hi, you might of already thought of this but is there a way to contact the people that took her BFF and tell them CEECEE's story and see if they wanted her as well. Maybe their cat is depressed as well. i know it is a long shot but thought I would suggest it.