3 New Cat Questions, (help a new fuzzer-mama out)

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Ember, aka- Soul Fuzzer

Kitty Kismet- arrived on the- Cosmic Wind
Purred: Wed Jul 13, '11 9:37pm PST 
Okay I have a few new kitty questions. It's late and I have housework to do before my human baby wakes up and needs me so I'll try to make this short and to the point:

1. Em has staked out a beloved nap spot that works fine right now in summer, but will not work at all come winter as it's right by the door off the kitchen that we use in yucky weather. Do I need to do anything about this or will she figure it out on her own as the seasons change?

2. How often do you dump and disinfect the litter boxes? I scoop every poop or pee (she uses separate boxes for each, lol) so nothing gets too funky, but I'm wondering when you do a 'deep clean' and how? I can't scour them out in our bathtub because of issues with the drain there and my sinks aren't big enough. Right now I can use the outside faucet, but come winter that will no longer be an option.

3. My third question is a two part question, but only the second part belongs here (the first I'll post in the Health forum). Ember apparently has an ear infection per the vet (I suspect ear mites but I'm not the Dr...) so I'm needing to put Baytril in that ear b.i.d. (twice/day). Okay so my happy-go-lucky Soul Fuzzer who would follow me to the ends of the earth suddenly *hates* me. It is breaking my heart. Have I already destroyed our bond? I've known some antisocial bitter cats in my day, am I doomed to own one of my own now? Do cats ever get over these things and return to their former outgoing lovable little selves? frown

Ember, aka- Soul Fuzzer

Kitty Kismet- arrived on the- Cosmic Wind
Purred: Wed Jul 13, '11 9:44pm PST 
Oh noes, I think I posted this in the wrong forum. Can a mod please move this to the appropriate forum? Sorry... newb here...

Pete- Fountain

So happy to have- a safe and- loving home!
Purred: Thu Jul 14, '11 7:55am PST 
Welcome to CATSTER and the wonderful world of being owned by a cat. On the question about her nap spot....don't worry, she will find another spot come cold weather.

On litter boxes, I wash the cats boxes out once a week. I empty all the litter into a plastic bag (use the ones from the grocery), then I put a little dish wasing liquid into the box, then add water and scrub. I got an inexpensive brush at the Dollar Store, and use it ONLY for this. I rinse twice, and dry the box(s) in the sun. I have a patio, so I can do this outdoors. This would work in warm weather but in the winter, wipe out the box with a damp paper towel then you can use one of those antibacterial cleaning wipes, then wipe again with another damp paper towel. Let the box dry and put in clean litter. A tip another cat person gave me is, when the box is completely dry, spray a little PAM or other "spray oil" in the bottom of the box. Helps those "clumps" from developing in the box that are so hard to clean. Personally I would NEVER flush litter, now matter what the manufacturer says....and you are right not to rinse the box in the bathtub.

Ember is a beautiful cat, bless you for givng her a home. You will certainly hear from other CATSTERS, there are lots and lots of knowledgeble cat people here who are always ready to give advice to a new cat owner.

The New Orleans Kittieswelcome

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Kit Kat

curiosity never- hurt me!
Purred: Thu Jul 14, '11 8:03am PST 

1. Most likely she'll move once winter comes. Right now, all three of my fur babies sleep on the window ledge or near it but come winter they sleep on their warm beds. Cats usually sleep where they feel most comfy.

2. I try to do a deep clean every month but I clean the litter boxes at least twice a day. You can use those Clorox (or any brand) wipes if using the tub is not an option.

3. Try giving her a treat after giving her medicine that way she'll know that she'll associate medicine with a good thing. My cats will put up with uncomfy things because they know they get a treat after. laugh out loud

Hope I helped! smile

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Welcome Ember! With regard to the ear drops, I can relate completely. BK has chronic ear problems from his allergies and it seems like he's on ear drops almost constantly. It also seems like there's not a more hateful medicine in the cat world. But yes, they DO go back to their normal selves. And it's the drops they hate, not the mommy! Kit Kat's treat idea is a really good one. That should help make it easier. Good luck!


Purred: Mon Aug 15, '11 10:54am PST 
In response to litter box cleaning.. I get this spray at Walmart in the small critter section of pets, it's for cleaning cages to get the urine smells out of plastic. It works great for litter boxes. After you dump litter into the trash bag then spray the empty pan and let it sit for 5- 10 minutes then wipe out with paper towels.