Kittens in need of rescue in Shelby County (Memphis) TN

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Mr. Fluffypants
Purred: Wed Jun 29, '11 11:11am PST 
An abandoned house, scheduled for demolition in late July, is the home of a feral cat colony of approx. 14 kittens, 3 toms and 3 or 4 queens. My wife and I are rescuing the kittens and have succeeded in capturing 9 of the 14 so far.

Myself and two neighbors have also successfully caught 2 of the toms and had them neutered recently.

We need help on two fronts. First, the kittens. We have 9 and can take a few more, but these are feral kittens and need to be socialized to humans and find a good home. Would anyone be willing to take in or adopt even one of these kittens to make room for the others as we catch them? These guys all need to be spayed/neutered, and my wife and I intend to do that at Midsouth Spay and Neuter (www.spaymemphis.org).

Second, we need help capturing the adults and getting them fixed. We are worried that some of the neighbors in the area might be planning to capture the remaining cats and dump them elsewhere in the area.