In need of help in Arizona

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I am starting this topic on here in hopes that someone will be able to give some help. My parents have a heart of gold and wanted to help when their neighbor abandoned their home and their cat. They consistently set out food and water for her daily. After three weeks of building trust with her she showed up at their doorstep on 6/14/2011 with a kitten in her mouth. My parents let her in the house and set up a box with some blankets for her. She stayed inside all day with her baby. Later that night she wanted outside. After she went out, she made several trips returning with three additional kittens. At this time we were guessing the kittens were about 4 weeks old. When she first brought them in they could barely walk. They would all stumble around and were wobbly. Sine the weeks have progressed they have gotten so much stronger. They’re now using the litter box, climbing up small cat towers and developing unique personalities.
The problem is that my parents wanted to provide shelter for them so that nothing would happen to them. They don’t want to take them to the County Animal Control or the Arizona Human Society because they are both high risk for euthanasia. I have tried to research no kill shelters in the area, but have had no luck. We want the kittens to find good homes where they will be loved and not abandoned. My parents would love to keep them all, but my dad has a health condition and they can not take in all five of them.
If anyone can offer any assistance or would like to give them a loving (permanent) home please get in touch with me. srbusselle@gmail.com

Al Hirt

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I just sent you an e-mail with a web site listing no kill shelters and rescue groups in Arizona. Good luck and keep us posted.

That mama cat KNEW a good home when she met your parents, who will certainly be blessed for their kindness to mama cat and her babies.

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