Shortcake's happy ending

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I found my- Furever home!!!
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Hi Everyone!

This is my very first post on Catster! I was rescued from the county shelter a little over two weeks ago. Mommy was a little concerned about me at first because I was walking on my haunches and was worried I might have something called diabetes. She took me to the doctor and after some yucky tests found out I was FINE!! I had lost some muscle tone since I had been in a small cage for nearly 3 months and that was why I was walking kinda funny. Mommy has been playing some games with me to get me to use my leg muscles and lose a little weight (she calls it excercise, but I think it's FUN!!) My back legs are getting stronger every day and Mommy is so proud of me! Even the other cat here is starting to play with me! I love my new home and family cloud 9:


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Yay, Shortcake! I'm so glad you found a happy home and that your legs turned out to not be a serious problem. That's fabulous that your fur sister is starting to play with you too. I noticed your mom said you were a bit overweight. I had lived in a cage for several months before being adopted and had a "cage belly" too. With more exercise and scheduled canned feedings (we like Wellness too) I slimmed right down. Congratulations....you're a beautiful stripey girl!

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Meowlo Shortcake (LOVE that name!!), and welcome to CATSTER and your wonderful furrever home. Our meomwy cried when she read your story, but obviously Jackson had selected you to help comfort your new meowmy, and you were meant for each other. June IS "Adopt a Shelter Cat" month so this makes your story even happier.

See you around the Forums.

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Shortcake, we are so HAPPY FOR YOU TO get a forever home! Your mom is an ANGEL! We know how horrible it is to be stuck in a cage 24/7, with barely enough room to turn around in. We are sending you a feline friend request! AGAIN, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that you were adopted! happy dancesnoopyrainbowflowers