What to do about a neighbor who isnt' properly taking care of her cats?

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Hi Everyone,
My mommy is slightly troubled. You see, she and daddy know a lady where they live that has 3 cats. The lady isn't well. Mommy has met her cats, and, well, feels that the sanitation of the cats-their boxes are very bad. She has tried to speak with the lady, but the lady insists the boxes are changed daily.
The lady has asked mommy for cat food sometimes and mommy and daddy buy it for her.
Yesterday Humane Services came-the 'animal police' because someone said the cats had been left alone for a week without care'. Mommy and daddy met them in the hall and spoke with them. They left the lady a note that she needed to speak with them.
The lady met daddy yesterday and said that the building management called on her because they are trying to 'get her out'. This is true. However, Mommy and Daddy are concerned about the cats. Daddy called the animal police to let them know they are worried. Does anyone have any suggestions? The lady is not a mean person, she loves animals but she has something wrong that makes her not well sometimes...it's not her body, but her mind....and mommy is worried that the cats aren't always cared for properly...but likes the lady and is trying to help.


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Do the cats look flea infested, too skinny, or otherwise unhealthy? Are there waaaay too many of them for the apartment? If it's just the litterbox issue, but there isn't cat poo or pee anywhere besides the box, I doubt you will be able to do anything. Uncleaned-up cat poo and pee all over the house, in combination with skinniness, flea infestation, or other illness that a vet isn't treating would probably get her at least a warning. It depends on where you live too. Around here, AC and even most people aren't very diligent until it's an out of hand hoarding situation or the like.

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The lady who lives attached to me (we never knew she was actually attached because landlords are you know what's) would leave her cats out in a fenced cage in 100 degree heat. She did this because our landlord has a no pet policy. Anyway one of them had kittens in those conditions and one of the kittens broke loose, and was living under my house. She became my Miss Edith. She was starving and I fed her, she was lonely and I could hear her cries. She wanted inside. I spayed her and loved her. I took her. I saved her. The neighbor I think stole her back for a while but that girl broke free again, she knows who keeps her. In my opinion, there's no shame in a rescue you think is in order. After having a few cats yourself you get a feel for what they need. You could also offer her some help in caring for them if she let's you in.