Finding funds for a rescued kitten with birth defect?

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Number Six

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Purred: Mon Feb 21, '11 2:00am PST 
My kitten, Six, was born with a cleft palate [a gaping... cavern, for lack of a better word, in the roof of his mouth]. His mother was a stray in our apartment complex. We took him in and have bottle fed him since birth [finding a foster and homes for his siblings and mom later]. It was such an unexpected thing to have a kitten like this drop into our lives!

He is not weaned [at 8 months old] because of his cleft palate and we are trying to save up money for the surgery but milk replacer is expensive and he keeps getting sick because of his defect which keeps costing us extra money so we need some help finding the funds for the surgery. We were just able to get him neutered!

Does anyone know of any organizations or something that will help to raise money for my little guy? Someone suggested indiegogo.com which sounds promising but I want to go down every avenue I can find because he really needs it!


Smokie Boo- Dreamboat- #104b

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If you go to the get well list, there is a list of organizations there, I believe.
Also, check out these lhttp://www.thepetfund.com/links.htminks....

I don't know where you are, but some vet clinics, such as the ASPCA may have special funded programs that are low cost. Some vet hospitals do, as well.
Thank you for taking care of this little one...and please keep in touch and let us know how things go.

Emma Barrett

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Bless you for taking care of this special needs kitten. Yes, do look into the many links here on CATSTER for assistance with vet bills.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

The New Orleans Kitties

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Purred: Tue Feb 22, '11 5:47pm PST 
Thank you guys so so much! Those links and ideas were ten times better than what I had found. I've already sent in three applications and I found a better site to start the fund on. Just in our first night I got a $200 donation from someone I don't even know! I'm so thankful.

My little boy is doing much better since yesterday. The vet had to sedate him to get what was a rubberband lodged in his cleft. We're now taking extreme precautions to try and make sure it doesn't happen again. Now that the anesthesia has worn off, he's back to being the little monster he usually is. Currently, he's curled up and sleeping as if he didn't spend the afternoon racing about getting into trouble.

Since it's being spoken about, I don't think this goes against the rules any, but if anyone wants to check out his fundraiser or to help out the link is here:

[if I'm breaking the rules by posting the link, let me know and I'll happily remove it]

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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You're so wonderful to take him in. Such a lucky kitty. You can do what we're all doing for a kitty here on Catster right now. A group of us are holding an auction of donated items from other members on Facebook! So far it's really raising a lot of money! You would be surprised at how generous kitty parents are to help out anyone who would be so giving as to take in a special little baby like that. big grin

Number Six

Slowly, but- surely and- slowly.
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Oooh. That's a good idea as well! I think I'll look into doing that, too. Thanks =]