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This link is about puppy mills, but I couldn't find one about kitten mills (which are much less common, I've heard). The mill portrayed is, one would assume, not the worst of the worst. Still, I was shocked to learn, for the first time, detals regarding mills. I've only been active in the world of small-scale hobby breeders. Yes, sometimes my fellow breeders have too many cats than I think necessary, but if the cats are happy and healthy, it's none of my business. Japanese breeder licensing laws require that breeding stock be kept in cages, but no one really checks, and most breeders choose to keep intact males and females in separate rooms instead.

What shocked me the most is how much money mills make. Or, I should say, the fact that they make any money at all. My breeding "hobby" costs ME thousands of dollars a year. Yes, I get money when I sell a cat, but the money I make only covers a very small percentage of my expenses. I'm amazed that I, as a breeder, never really realized that claims that mills make money are true! Please don't mix up mills with small-scale breeders! And if you ever choose to buy an animal from a breeder, there's lots of good information on the Internet regarding how to find a good breeder.

http://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=7187712&p age=1

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Pictures of how a small-scale cattery is run would be interesting...except THAT might be intrusive as they basically live in your apartment with you. I'm just thinking people really need to see the DIFFERENCE...compare and contrast?