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Six cats and a dog in oregon need good homes after losing owner to dementia

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A Plea from AnnaBelle's Mommy:
My grandmother's naighbor was hospitalized in 2009 and had a leg amputated. She spent months recovering from that and started to suffer from dementia. She no longer recodnises her family or her friends and will not be coming home. During all of this my grandmother has been going next door and feeding and taking care of the cats and the dog.

Because the neighbor has not created a will of what she wants to have happen to the pets, its all in legal limbo. The lawyer is in constant contact with my grandmother and issues out funds for the food each month- she says she is looking for homes for the animals. She has been saying that for months. My naighbor used to breed American Silvers. Thats the kind of cats she has now, and they are all fixed but are anywhere from 4 to 10 years old. The dog is a mutt who is 4-7 and is an outdoor dog.

Ive got pictures somewhere..but if anyone is interested in helping out with this kitties please contact me and I will get you incontact with the ones 'in charge'

NOTE: Most of the cats have not been vaccinated in YEARS. Rabies *may* be up to date, but caution should be exercised when introducing these cats to others just in case. The neighbor did not believe in vaccines (Shes now in her late 70s...).

My grandmother is getting tired of having to clean the cat boxes and everything all on her own because she is the last one still doing it. Its time for these babies to find new homes. The cats are all so sweet and have their own personality (though I can only ever remember the name of Alex...cuz he likes to love bite)


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The cats and dog don't have to go together. The cats may be adopted together, in groups or separate. At this point..they just want to find them homes.

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Bumping this up to see if anyfur has any ideas that can help find these babies loving homes. I am still waiting on some updated pictures to come from them.