Correction: NY Maine Coon is a 6lb Persian mix. Needs great home

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Orange Ruffy

The Baboo Kitty- has Spoken!
Purred: Tue Jan 25, '11 4:10am PST 
We met her last night, and may be fostering her. The man who is holding her found her, she was once someone's cat. She is shy, but sweet, and about 2 years old, but she's very small, and has the little rounded face of a persian and long fur. She's a tortie-calico, and very lovely.
She is also FIV+. I have 2 FIV+ and 2 non FIV+. If anyone is interested, please contact me.
We love her, and I want her. Our apartment is 2 rooms with 4 cats already, but if he can't find anyone for her, we'll probably foster her here.
I can send pictures to anyone interested.

Smokie Boo- Dreamboat- #104b

Rescued cats- like me are the- best!
Purred: Sun Jan 30, '11 7:12am PST 
Tony has placed the cat, and so far, the person loves her.
In a way, I was sad, I would have liked to have had her here, and seen how it would go. But with 3 cats with health problems recently, perhaps it has worked out for the best.
We have a note to him to call us if it does not work out. (mommy really liked this kitty and wanted to 'help'.

From Smokieboo.....Mommy already has her attention filled up by too many others! I want more Mommy!!!!