NY- Home needed for FIV positive Maine Coon Mix with gold/silver coat.

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Purred: Mon Jan 24, '11 11:41am PST 
Dear everyone in the NY or closeby,
A rescue group we work with has an FIV+ neutered male. He's the most beautiful cat I've seen in a long while. We are seriously considering fostering him, though we don't know how we'll swing it-we have 4 cats in a small 2 room apartment as it is. (we have 2 FIV+ cats now of the 4).
I don't know much about him myself, except hes very friendly and was probably 'dumped'. He's currently residing in a garage.
He is a lovely dappled tan and black coat-he truly looks exotic-he reminds me of a maned lion with more fur everywhere else, too.
If anyone is hesitant because of his FIV+ status, I can walk you through the realities of having an FIV+ cat. It's not something humans get, and it's not easy for cats to get from each other, either. (as stated, I have 2 who are not FIV+ who live with 2 who are!) It also doesn't mean that you'll have alot of vet bills. Our one FIV+ cat has only had colds, and not very often at that.
I would be so happy to share this with anyone seeking a lovely cat-we want to help this breathtaking fellow. Truthfully, we would like to have him for ourselves, but it would not be fair to him with our situation and to our other cats.
If anyone knows of anyone who might be interested, please contact me!