URGENT: 3 Kitten in San Fernando Valley need help asap

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Purred: Mon Jan 10, '11 10:06am PST 
We have three kitten we have been taking care of in our back yard that need help asap.We rent from my in-laws,and they have decided that they are completely re-doing the landscaping,which includes spraying defolient in both the back and front yard.I have been working with these 3 kittens, who are about 6 months old.They at least need foster homes and full socialization before we can take them to adoption functions.We can't do it,because we have a limit on the amnt of cats we can keep indoors,and also have an elderly Chihuahua.We have taken the forth one into our homes, and within 2 days,had free roaming of the house, and is getting along with our other 3 cats.We have a fixed Orange Tabby Male (ear has minorly been clipped),a fixed toroise shell female (ear also clipped),and a female silver tabby who will be trapped and fixed this week.They all deserve a chance.My husband went through total knee replacement in November, but because of the lack of mobility,he will have to go through another procedule next week. I am also going in for a biopsy of a large nodule on my thyroid on Wednesday, and have a followup to sinus surgery that I had 12/20.We are not 100% yet, and need help. PLEASE...if anyone can help. Also have the feral momma that will need relocating,as we feed her in the yard, and is totally wild. Any help would be appreciated.New to this, and have never helped to this extent, so any direction would also be appreciated. Thank you so much!cry