A few statistics regarding cat ownership, s/n, shelter reliquishment, and feral cat populations

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For months, I've been looking for some hard statistical facts regarding the cat overpopulation problem, and the situation of cats in the U.S. in general. These figures come from http://purebredcatbreedrescue.org/purebred.htm

--Total U.S. owned cat population: 73 million (1)
--Of the 73 million, 87% are already neutered or spayed by their caring owners (2)
--Total unowned/feral cat population: est. 10-40 million (3)
--Number of cats *and dogs* entering shelters annually: 8.3 million (4)
--More than half of cats entering shelters are relinquished by their owners for reasons such as: a) moving b) landlord won't allow pet; c) too many animals in household; d) cost of pet maintenance; e) owner's personal problems; etc. (5)
--Approximately half of the cats entering shelters are unadoptable because they are too old, sick, have serious behavior problems, or are unweaned litters of unowned feral cats. (6)
--Less than 1% of cats entering shelters are purebred (7)

1. 2000 American Pet Products Manufactuering Association's National Pet Owners Survey.
2. Five studies:
85% San Diego 1994 NPA Report
87% Santa Clara Cty, CA NPA 1993
83% Las Vegas, NV 1981; R. Nassar; Am J Vet Res 1984;45
91% Tufts Univ. 4 Mass Towns 1991; A. Rowen; Anthrozoos 1992, vol 5,3
94% (Dorr Research for MSPCA - reported to MA Animal Coalition in Jan, 2008)
3. National Pet Alliance studies of "back door fed cats".
4. Study by Phil Arkow, referenced in _Companion Animal Demographics for Communities and Shelters_, 1997, Rowan and Patronek, editors
5. National Council on Pet Population and Policy study, 1999
6. Reports of shelter personnel & NPA study on Euthanasia
7. American Humane Association Shelter Reporting Study and various purebred cat rescue organizations

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Just taking a stab...if half of these 8 million animals are cats, and half of those are adoptable...that's 2 million adoptable through shelters a year. That's not such a huge number, for a country the size of the US. And there are 73 million owned cats, 87% of whom are spayed or neutered.
So if you see a cat just running around, it's probably one of the 10-40 million ferals?