New KItten Names!!! Help

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For Christmas my parents are letting me go to the shelter to pick out a kitten I need help on names! my first choice is Shoelace so I want something along the lines of cute stuff like that.

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The Kitty Komittee's Mama:
We so many here, I let the kittens choose their own names. and they usually pick good ones! Hammie was origionally named Abtaham, but we found out he like to be a real acor and get his pic taken. he "hams" it up. Faith got heres because she was so sick as a baby but she showed me she had faith to have Mama save her.
Give your little one a name but be open to the one that they want to be called by.Figaro got his name because he is a " opera singer", but sometimes picks the WORST times to show off.

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Congratulations and thank you for giving a shelter cat a truly Wonderful Christmas!!

We agree that it may take a few days for the right name to come to you. The kitten will "show" you its name.

Some cutesy names our Mom was thinking of naming my sister and me were Buttons & Beau (Bow)
Peaches & Kreme (Cream)

But we told her it should be Apollo & Athena.
way to go

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