Rescued a kitty from the cold - thinking about keeping him but....

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Monroe Meow

Time to make the- biscuits on the- blanket
Purred: Fri Nov 5, '10 7:37pm PST 
Well, we've been having this tabby cat visit our patio for about 2 weeks now. He comes at night like clockwork at 7pm & when he eats...OMG he licks the plate clean like he is starving! Well, he's a very mushy cat. If we sit down, he's right in our laps purring up a storm. He's not nuetered! So, now I am thinking, someone dumped him or just doesn't care enough about him! Now I feel bad because he is a loving cat & even lets you pick him up and hold him. I noticed he has some scabs on his skin under his fur and a small marble sized lump on his neck (maybe a fatty tumpr or just a hair clump?) No collar either & we are surrounded by busy roads. He was out in the cold rain yesterday and crying to come inside. My husband has been talking about how upset he was since last night seeing him meow to come in. Who in their right mind would treat an animal like this! My husband got him in the carrier tonight & we took him down to his office for the night. We gave him a litter box, more food, blankets and some water. I would let him stay here, but #1 he may have fleas #2 may be FIV #3 could have some other health issue. Now tomorrow our plan is to call around to any vet that can help us get him tested, maybe even give him shots! Now, I am truly hoping that #1 he has no fleas #2 he's not FIV #3 we can get him nuetered....and he can be a part of my family! We have three boys...which leads to another question...will they start to spray because they are three males? Are my cats too old to introduce another cat now? We tried a female in June & Mango was not having it, but we thought that was because she was just running through the house like a maniac. I know that I need to do the introduction very slowly...been through it 3 times. This can only happen if he isn;t FIV . If he is, we most likely will need to bring him to a local no-kill shelter. I just feel so bad for him. I want him to have a good home...and not to brag, but we have no children & spoil our cats terribly, so he would be well taken care of. Any advice, thoughts, prayers & purrs??


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Purred: Sat Nov 6, '10 7:41am PST 
I guess I don't understand what the problem is, mol! You take him to the vet and get the tests done. If he's negative you introduce him slowly to your kitties. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other!

alley cat- angel

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Purred: Wed Nov 24, '10 5:39pm PST 
I just read your post and I do see what your concerns are but I hope he was negative for FIV and you did take him in and are doing the slow introduction. I have five kitties I did have 6 alley is my girl that died with FIP. I still havev the three liter mates and the two took in one from a high kill shelter and one from the streets. They adjusted well to the litter I rescused and have kept after I tried to adopt them out but my oldest male does spary if he sees or smells another cat on the outside of the house (they are all indoor only) I never had to deal with this before it is not as bad as it seems but i would rather not have it happen. Please let us know how things went.


Purred: Fri Dec 10, '10 1:48am PST 
Aww, this sounds almost just like what happened last year with my kitty. He showed up in the cold, and was just as friendly as can be! I hope everything works out for you.