Adopt a cat from Singapore.. all costs covered by me!

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Grace is a black oriental cat with a cute tilted head, she is about 3 or 4 years old and was saved from an abusive home.

How I got Grace:
I'm an American expat living in Singapore over 2 years now and I was informed about a group of volunteers here in Singapore who assisted in saving over 30 cats and 2 dogs from a hoarder. Her dogs were tied to the bed all day and many of the playful cats were tied to tables and chairs by twine around their necks. The cats were fed raw chicken heads which would sit for days and rot and maggots would often be found on them, this was their only source of food. The water bowls were filthy and had many roaches and little water. The apartment had not been cleaned in 4 years! The whole apartment smelled awful and there weren't any litter boxes. The cats who were not tied up took shelter in filthy cardboard boxes. Many of the cats were sick and had eye infections and eyeballs were bulging out and many went blind. There were dead kittens all over the apt... it was just one of the worst stories you can possibly imagine hearing about and I also saw pictures... it was awful. If you would like to learn more about this, please contact me, it is quite graphic. Grace was saved from this hoarder as well as 2 of her kittens, 3 other kittens who were less than 10 days old were also saved and given to Grace to foster as they could not find the kittens mother. Grace was an wonderful mom to them!

I agreed to foster Grace and the kittens but then fell in love with Grace and wanted to adopt her for myself. Poor thing showed up with many cracked or missing teeth from trying to eat chicken heads, she was covered in lice, had ear mites and intestinal parasites and the few teeth she did have left were in awful condition. She was frightened and pitiful, in just a few weeks with some proper veterinary care and good food and lots of love and attention, Grace is very healthy and beautiful! Unfortunately though... I have 2 resident cats who I have had for years and after many many weeks of doing proper introductions, it's not working out. I believe that Grace may have some food aggression issues from the environment she came from... I unfortunately have to give her up. This is where maybe you can help!

Grace is black and the locals believe that black is bad luck and would not be adopted easily.. she is also an adult. The cat abuse here is extreme and people just throw their cats out when they are bored of them... it's very disturbing, the strays are then tortured, mutilated and killed. Because of this, I would like Grace to go to a good American home. Grace would have to be a single cat or can be adopted along side kittens. If you know anyone who would be interested in giving Grace a good life then please contact me. All costs of relocation will be covered by me... I just want her to find a good home. She is so sweet and loves to be pet and will follow you around and has a cute meow and is very easy to care for... can you help Grace find a home? kitty

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That's a beautiful read! Those lucky cats, are you still in Singapore, I'd love to see if I can help find suitable cat owners for any new kittens/cats. smile


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How terrible! So sad that kitties there have to endure such hells! We have a big kitty family and we're in the USA but if you can't find anyone to take Grace, I would consider giving her a home. BTW our kitty family would like to be friends with Grace. For some reason, her name wasn't clickable on the forum so we couldn't access her profile to add her as a friend.