My sweet baby passed away... I never got to say goodbye

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Skye- (1997~2014)

Her Majesty
Purred: Mon Apr 21, '14 9:23pm PST 
My sweet Skye went off to pass away on her own terms. After 17 years of being a house only cat she snuck outside while my husband was bringing in the dog last Monday night.
She has been getting increasingly more ill lately. She has hyperthyroidism for the past few years and could rarely keep any brand of soft or hard food down. She had a heart murmur of 5.5 out of 6 at her last vet visit. She also starts having seizures lately. The vet told me she might find a very quite spot away and pass on. I did not believe her.
I feel so guilty I was not there for her. She didn't give e
Me the chance. I have spent many many hour searching for her. I called every vet in the areas, pound, humane society, shelter, ... The morning after she ran away from home. I put flyer on every mail box in our development the next morning.
I know in my heart she is gone. I have never felt so much pain in my life. I promised I would not let her die alone. I have no body. No name tag and collar (she had it on).
It has been 7 days. No calls nothing.
I miss her so much rainbow

â™”Jeepurrs- Creepurrsâ™”

Her Royal- Majesty - off with his- head!!!
Purred: Wed Apr 23, '14 6:25pm PST 
I am so sorry that you are going through this. Jeepie disappeared on Mother's day several years ago. I put up flyers, contacted neighbors, did a Toto notification.
I had little hope that she would come home. She was gone 15 days. She was locked in somewhere. Please keep looking.

Althea, PAWS

The Special,- Precious, Petite- PrinCESS
Purred: Mon Apr 28, '14 6:02pm PST 
Sometimes, they prefer to make their transitions by themselves; why, no one knows. Many, many years ago, I had a dog who had cancer; in those days, there was no treatment. He disappeared one day, and I called his doctor, who told me that Spanky had probably gone off to die on his own. We live in a rural area, and the places he could go seemed limitless, but I took our other dog, Duchess - who found Spanky in a cornfield about a quarter mile from home. I had to carry him home.

This is impossibly hard on you; the not-knowing is agony. Skye has done what is best for her; she probably didn't realize how very painful it would be for you. If she's made her trasition, which seems likely, then all is well with her; try to think of her that way: gloriously alive and blissfully happy, waiting at the Bridge for you. I hope that Skye's Creator will help you to find peace.


Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Mon Apr 28, '14 8:27pm PST 
It's Stella. We had an old cat who our person adopted when she was 15. One night she went out on a nice summer's eve and never returned. She had not seemed ill but then she was very tough. It turned out that her brother from the same litter disappeared outside the very same week! As if their warranty had expired. We never found her body even though she had a brass collar tag.

Cats are still wild animals at heart and probably would prefer to die alone, as much as they might love their family. It is the wild way. Still, my person is glad that she only lost one cat this way as it is so hard on people, who are pack animals by nature.

Saddest purrs to you at this painful time ... hug