Methimazole gel and other littermates?

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Purred: Sat Mar 15, '14 10:56pm PST 
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone uses Methimazole gel pen on their senior cat in a multi kitty household? Sometimes I catch our 2 younger cats grooming our senior cat and I know it's not safe. Any tips on how to keep everyone else away from licking his ears??

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This is Delyte at the Bridge. I had the thyroid gel on my ears for about two years before I died. Because of my imposing dignity, no one dared lick my ears! However our understanding is that the medication in the gel is absorbed through the blood vessels in the ear tissue pretty quickly after application, so there is nothing left but inert gel. You should check with your vet or the gel manufacturer, though. Good luck with it! Giant old purrs to you! cat on moon

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Hi. My boy, who just crossed the bridge 2 days ago, was also on methimazole, only pill form. I considered the gel initially and was concerned about the same issue as you because he was groomed by his sister. The vet assured me it shouldn't be an issue for the same reasons the previous poster described (primarily the taste and absorption rate). Best wishes to you and your senior cat. I know how difficult things get as they age.