Cat Litter which is the Best?

Share advice for keeping your aging cat happy and healthy


Purred: Thu Mar 6, '14 6:39am PST 
the best to me is Cats Pride.it is easier for me to lift and i use a Ness litter pan which has a sifter in it cheaper and easier to use...But Cat's Pride is my favorite over Tidy cat...Tidy cat use to be my favorite until prices went up and they kept changing the litter..Cats' Pride is cheaper for me with 5 cats I use a 10 pound bag every once a week..no odors and cheaper $2.95 a bag at dollar stores. If you have a cat which has urinary problems use carpet fresh powder or baking powder in litter wont bother them.I use baby powder sometimes just for a fresher smell.


Purred: Sun May 4, '14 2:09pm PST 
I use Shop Rite store brand scented, nice price and it stays fresher longer than some name brands.