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I had to put to sleep my 17 yo Pequena about 3 weeks ago . It was very difficult, but she was in too much pain and I loved her too much to see her like this...

Now, my 14 yo Willow is left alone. For the 1st time in her life... I have to go to work everyday so can't stay with her as much as I would want to.

She cries when I arrive and she cries when I leave. When I'm there, she follows me everywhere and just want to be in my arms.
I wake up 1h30 earlier every morning to spend time with her and cuddle. But she feels very lonely.

I can't take another cat to keep her company though as I plan on leaving the country and live a nomadic life once she decides to go see Pequena again.

But I'm worried about her. Will she ever get used to it? What can I do to ease her pain?

Any advice will help.
Thanks a lot in advance



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It's Stella. This sounds so sad. I was terribly sad when my fur sibs went outside and were gone only 4 days, so I can imagine how suddenly being the only cat forever would be. It's so good that you are spending more time with her.

If you cannot commit to getting another cat, maybe you could do fostering of cats or kittens? Or take care of someone's cat in your home for an extended period of time? Long before us, our person took care of a cat for 9 mos while her people went on sabbatical. The cats she had at the time were not too pleased, but it sounds like Willow might enjoy the company. Or now that it is holiday season, there might be someone who needs their cat cared for for a month or more.

We are all purring for you and Willow. Some cats like being alone and some are companionable. Giant purrs! hug


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Thansk Stella

Unfortunately I cannot host more than this cat.
She doesn't like other cats, just HER Pequena... and the problem will never end if the foster cat goes away too.

But she is now doing a little better I think. I wake up very early to spend at least 1h in the morning, just cuddling with her.
I bought her new toys and we spend time playing too.

Eventually, I think she will forget about her bestfriend... lucky her !