Prayers needed for Misty before she crosses the rainbow bridge

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Misty- *10/1995 - 10/10/2013*

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It's with a heavy heart that I sit here at work writing this post, but I think I'm going to have to say goodbye to my old girl Misty. She's 18 years old and was diagnosed with full blown renal failure a few weeks ago,

She has had trouble with her hind legs from quite some time and has a drunken appearance to her gait. She has been urinating all over the bathroom for months now (I have to scrub the floor 3-5 times daily) She has been rapidly losing weight and also seems to have gone completely deaf in that time) but she was still more or less her usual self. Over the last few months she seems to have become very senile seeming very confused and spaced out most of the time. I switched her over to K/D formula food but I knew that wouldnt do much if anything. I chose not to have her hospitalized or to do any additional treatments. At her age and with her advanced kidney disease I knew no matter what, her time here was limited. I wanted to keep her vet visits as limited as possible and just let her live her days at home as long as she appeared to be happy and comfortable.

Over the last few days she seems more lethargic and "out of it" than usual. She slept most of yesterday and I tried to monitor her eating but noticed her food bowl was basically untouched. From 5:00 am this morning I was searching the entire house for her. Finally found her 2 hours later hiding in the basement on a pile of blankets in a closet. She looks so weak and her eyes seem so sunken in and parched. Her voice sounds so raspy when she meows and her breath smells awful. She "talked" to me while I was sitting with her petting her but she almost didnt have the energy to look at me for long. I got that same feeling as I did with my previous elderly cats when I looked into their eyes. I just feel like it's time. It's killing me that I'm at work right now. I just want to go home and see how's she's been since I left her this morning.

So needless to say I think either today or tomorrow Misty will be crossing the rainbow bridge. She has truly been one of the sweetest most loving cats I've ever had. Craved affection like no other and has never bitten, hissed or scratched anyone (much like her brother Sneakers) She's such a good cat and even though I've known for a while I was going to say goodbye soon, I'm still not ready. I've had her for 18 years since I was 11 years old. It's a very odd feeling knowing she's going to be gone soon cry

Please keep Misty in your thoughts and prayers as she crosses the rainbow bridge whenever that is. I just don't want her to suffer anymore. She deserves peace and she has a long line of furry friends waiting to greet her as she crosses the bridge rainbow


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Purring for Misty and you. So sorry you are losing her, but it sounds like you two have had a wonderful life together.

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This is Delyte. I'm waiting at the Bridge to help Misty up with all of us, and my family back there will try to help your person deal with the loss of Misty. She will not wobble or leak or shut down up here, but run like a kitten again and join me at the shrimp bar.

You did the best you could for her, but no kitty tolerates losing control of themselves like that, and the kidney failure gradually takes away brain function until they sleep almost all the time. Our male person almost died of kidney failure, and he says it is not painful but you feel very very tired all the time. Send her on while you can still say goodbye to her and she knows that it is you.

Saddest purrs to you at this terrible time. hug

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Sending so many purrs and hugs for Misty!!hug


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Purring for Misty.

Kitten cuddles,
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You and Misty are in our thoughts & pawryers.



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Sending thoughts of peace to you at this difficult time. huglittle angel

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cry Oh Momcat you will always have her spirits near by & you gave her a most wunnaful life on Earth!

She is once again whole, healthy & happy!

Blessings to you during this delicate time of your life.

Angels gather round for love & hug support! big hug

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Oh, honey, I'm so sorry to hear about Misty. My Edison just crossed The Rainbow Bridge on 9/26, and he'll be waiting there to guide her and be a friend to her. You're making the right decision - Edison was 18, and his kidneys and liver were failing. You can't let her suffer like that if she's in pain. You're doing the right thing for her. I know it hurts YOU, but you'll be releasing her. All our love goes with you. Stay strong!


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I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I too lost my 18 year old Tequila on September 26, 2013 (she'd been with me since she was 8 weeks old). It absolutely broke my heart to do, even though I knew it was the right thing. I tried everything to keep her with me and on the 25th of September she told me it was time.

It was literally the worst day. I am still heart broken. But I know she had a lovely and spoiled 18 years. 3 of the 4 pillows I have are hers!! Sometimes it still feels horribly empty without her sleeping next to my ear.


But 18 really is a lovely age. 18 years of furry love.