need help. serious thread. no jokes.

Share advice for keeping your aging cat happy and healthy


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I have had my gorgeous midnight black domestic short-hair mix (of some kind) since she was about five.

She was 'discovered' in the Yosemite valley wilderness with a litter of kittens about 2004-2005 by a close friend and his wife who lived there at the time. They named her Cosmos because of her dark, black panther appearance and bright gold Jaguar eyes... (I know, I tell long stories).

Here is the issue: she is up to date on all shots, very well cared for with a decent-sized yard, no visible signs of rabies, nothing abnormal until two Fridays ago when she went mentally AWOL and murdered the neighbors new 6-week old kitten, and ate it. All of it.

And today with a very large squirrel in the back yard that she buried under pine-needles, and hissed at me when I came near.... only to leave her 'prize' in a shallow grave to fester, and beg for a soft food treat within less than 20 minutes of her second murderous act.

Anybody with ideas would be greatly appreciated. Had her for a long time, she is about 14 now, very odd behavior. ideas? normally a very loving, approachable animal.. local vet recommended 'acetate' shots?

Love my kitty, don't want to put her down.


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And yes, this is a real post. Cat has been a true friend for quite a while and she's all berserk now.


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It's time for a vet check. It could be dementia at her age but you need to rule out any physical issues.