Haley Crossed the Bridge

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Purred: Mon Jun 24, '13 3:33pm PST 
My Haley Crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 9:30am 6-24-2013,she was born 11-30-1995,it was hard for me to let go,but she had lost 6 pounds in four days,last night and this morning she wouldnt leave my side..slept on me,not just with me,and this morning was on the desk leaning against my belly,when i noticed she wasnt breathing anymore...little angel

ok..im a grown man..but imma go cry again...


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Purred: Tue Jun 25, '13 12:57pm PST 
I'm so sorry to hear that Haley has crossed the bridge. Sounds like you loved each other very much.


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Purred: Wed Jun 26, '13 5:22am PST 
I'm so sorry for your loss, crying along with you. There is not much in the world harder than losing your cat. Please try to remember the good times with Haley, the funny things she did to make you laugh when she was a kitten or when she was younger. That has always helped me through losing a pet, remembering the funny things about them. You were with her until the end and that is what is important, that you were there for her. No more pain for Haley, RIP sweet Haley.

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Purred: Wed Jun 26, '13 5:57pm PST 
This is Delyte. We are so very sorry that your sweet Haley has gone. She was almost the same age as me, and I am edging towards the Bridge, I would dearly like to go laying on my person, in my home. Haley is very grateful to you for her wonderful long life and your love and care. Saddest purrs to you from all of us here ... hug cry cat on moon

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Purred: Mon Jul 1, '13 6:26pm PST 
I agree with Delyte - it is always sad but how lovely and such a personal way to pass over. Your love shines through and please be at peace. Haley will be waiting for you.
Much love and purrs