Wellness Good for Seniors?

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Fat & Lazy
Purred: Sat Jun 1, '13 11:43pm PST 
My cat is nine years old and just became a senior. We feed her Wellness, and I was wondering if that was okay with senior cats? Or should I get something specifically for seniors?


Butt-kicker of- all other cats
Purred: Sun Jun 2, '13 2:49pm PST 
I have a 10 year old cat that I have been feeding Wellness for years. I do not feed the wellness core, the cats don't seem to care much for it, but I do feed the grain free. I only feed the turkey and chicken. I used to also feed the chicken and beef but the 10 year old (I have three) but I have found that the 10 year old throws up the beef one and I suspect she is allergic to it. My vet said he has seen lots of kitties with beef allergies recently, so I don't feed that one, but the other two have no problem with it, but just to keep things simple, I don't buy the beef one in case someone else accidently feeds it to her.

I have been very happy with Wellness. She seems to tolerate it pretty well. She eats probably equivilant to one can a day, divided up in 3 small meals, one which is right before bedtime...they sleep better if they eat before bedtime. I sometimes fear that they get bored with the same food, so I will occasionally buy Natures Variety Instinct, and they tolerate that well. I also have bought Halo, chicken stew, which they like. I always mix a little water in with the food every time, to make it a little soupy. My vet, who is a holistic vet, in a group of 2 other traditional vets, was very fine with my senior kitty eating the wellness, so I'm good with keeping her on what works for her. There was a time when my vet told me to feed senior food to my dog, because she was overweight, and the senior formulas had fewer kicalories....I assume that is the same for senior cat food, but I'm not positive.

I dont think I answered anything, LOL, but I just wanted you to know that my 10 year old girl eats wellness grain free and she seems to be doing well. She just had a check up with extended bloodwork and everything looked really good for her, so I think we are doing ok on it.


Fat & Lazy
Purred: Sun Jun 2, '13 4:46pm PST 
Okay, thanks for your reply nonetheless!

She eats the chicken and turkey one too, and the salmon and something one. She's a very picky eater, so it's the only ones she will eat party

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Sun Jun 2, '13 7:45pm PST 
I've been eating Wellness for years and think it's a good food and perfectly ok for us seniors. I eat the chicken, turkey, salmon & turkey and chicken & herring but can no longer tolerate the chicken & beef.

You mention your vet is seeing a lot of allergies to beef lately. Several months ago, I also began throwing up any food with beef in it. That makes me suspicious -- I wonder if there's something wrong with the beef used in cat food and where it comes from? Or perhaps it's not beef? thinking I've been hearing about horse meat being mixed in with beef or used in place of beef.

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Mon Jun 3, '13 5:16pm PST 
Hi Sparkles, Beep & Kaci Sunshine wave

I too noticed that Kally Kat does not like the beef either! eek
She loves Chicken, Turkey & some Werurva Mid East fish, grain free canned.

Hmmm... sumtin about da Beef! shrug

Gud luck Sparkles with experimenting new food challenges, you'll be da judge ov wut yew like!


The Most- Beautiful Girl- In The World
Purred: Thu Jun 6, '13 6:56pm PST 
I'm not a quite a senior (7 years old) but I LOVE my Wellness canned. In fact it was the only food my mommy could convince me to eat when trying to ween me off of years of kibble.
I do not like the pate' style however and that did cause mom some worries as i am a gravy girl. I love the Wellness Cubed Chicken & Turkey in sauce (I don't get beef or fish & stick with the grain free & hate Core).
I get a 5.5 oz can daily split between 2 feedings. Mommy does give me half of a 3 oz can at 6pm.
Mom & dad both notice how much happier i seem to be now that I am off the dry stuff and I even beg less for food. I say stay with what works and makes you happy.
Wellness is good quality and after much, much reading and analyzing my folks feel totally comfortable feeding me this.

cat on moon


Butt-kicker of- all other cats
Purred: Fri Jun 7, '13 5:27am PST 
I'm so glad when I hear stories of former kibble addicts, like my cat, doing so well on canned food.

I am suspicious about the beef too. Honestly, if we have to worry about horse meat getting into our own food, I'm pretty sure it's in cat food too. I'm not sure if that would bother cats, but it just seems icky to me. Beep had been throwing up for years though, so I don't know that anything necessarily changed with the beef and chicken one, it was jsut that I ran out of the beef and chicken and only bought turkey and chicken and then noticed she wasn't throwing up, for 3 weeks straight. After throwing up at leaast once a week for YEARS. And she had been to the vet, been checked out, nothing could stop it, but now it seems to have just stopped. That's funny, the cat the likes the cubed with gravy, Beep is the opposite, she doesn't like tht one. She will lick the gravy up and leave the cubes. I only bought it a few times as a treat anyway, since she prefers the pate style one. Have you tried mixing water in it, so that it looks like gravy? Maybe that might help? If someone else feeds Beep (God forbid) and they don't mix her warm water in with her food....she won't eat it. She will just look at it like "you did it wrong....this isn't how mom does it!"

My sister in law was over yesterday and commented on how soft and shiny and glowy my cats where, and I said it's because I feed them good food. It makes all the difference in the world, I believe. Because my own Beep started off, 10 years ago, on Science Diet food, from the vet, dry, I didn't know any better. She ate contsantly, was fat, never satisfied, and her coat was dry, coarse, shedding badly, she looked a mess. When I finally transitioned her to canned food, she lost 5 pounds in a year, and her coat is like velvet. She looks beautiful. Also, my vet remarked how great her teeth looked for a 10 year old cat.

I think there may be foods out there better or as good as Wellness, but it works for us, and works great for my senior. My vet told me that the only time you need to buy senior food is if your pet is overweight, because it has less calories.

Member Since
Purred: Sun Jun 9, '13 12:14pm PST 
Just a small thought on the beef, feel free to correct me!
You think the beef allergies could be because cats in the wild aren't used to eating beef? I can't imagine a cat pouncing on a cow, haha! laugh out loud

Xena- Princess- Warrior - DG#23

Xena the Warrior- Princess
Purred: Sun Jun 9, '13 7:40pm PST 
I eat wellness too, but never the beef I don't like it, but like the others! we have been eating Wellness for years and have never had any problems...

Alexander,- Dreamboat- #110

I am really a- lap dog in- disguise.
Purred: Mon Jun 10, '13 4:39pm PST 
Both of mine eat Wellness and Life's Abundance. Life's is recommended by Galaxy. They love it.
I get ony chicken and turkey. I used to do fish- salmon but no more. I don't trust fish. They hardly throw up and have little problems. I tried Halo's and it just didn't agree with the cats.
Alex will be going for a blood check soon to make sure that he is fine since he is ten years old.
Juliette is just one so the food is fine by her. No dry food here at all...

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