Senior Cat in New Home Has Mats

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My grandma-in-law recently passed away and her 13 year cat came to live with us today. Of course he is going to need time to become calm around me and I don't want to put any added stress on him, but I noticed he has mats in his very long fur. I know these can become painful so I don't want to leave them very long. How long should I wait to start getting rid of the mats? I was planning on doing one at a time with plenty of rest before starting on another one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I had the same problem with my long fur. Momma usually just cuts mine out, but you don't want to leave them in for too long, especially if they're around the back end, cause they can trap urine and poo, and that can harm the skin if its exposed to it long enough.


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I would start getting them out as soon as possible, it can cause skin problems if left for too long. Just do what you can, and come back to it the next day if you need to.


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My sisters female cats get mats too. I hold the cat as she cut the mats in half. Then she slowly combs the rest out as I still hold the cat. You can always cut more but you will never hurt the skin if you cut them in half. We comb out cats with a regular "Goody" brand combs daily during shedding season. The teeth do not break. My Goody package had 6 combs for I think $4 from Kroger. Some cats love to be comb and will bond to you because of the grooming. Pick one with wide teeth for nightly grooming while kitty get friendly with you.

Do two mats every other day. My sister's cat, Sable when we first got her peed me after two mat were removed. She did that two more times to me until we learned.