Momma's Kind of Nervous

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Purred: Sat Sep 1, '12 7:20am PST 
I've been getting mats and have to go for a sanitary grooming, but they have to sedate me.

Do older cats do well with this? I've never had any health problems to speak of before.

Also my mom Kiki is coming to the vets too because she's starting to walk and move around slower. She's 15, and I'm 14...

Some purrs would be nice for momma.


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Many, many purrs and soft headbutts to you and your family.....from me (Tambolina) and my family.....

I am longhaired too, and my Meouwmy sometimes has trouble with my fur....

All best wishes

Tambi and family


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sending purrs.


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Purrs to you and Kitty.
It sounds as though you are very worried and i would be too but im sure it will be fine! Our Roguey Puss is so proud in her old age , she hates anything like this buut shes very wise too and in a way admitts defeat knowing that its good for her.
It will be a bit stressful no doubt but it will be worth the nice comfy fur with no matts or icky bits, ''OUCH Rogue HATES having matts''

Hope everything goes okay keep us posted

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Purrs to you...and KiKi. We are sending many purrs. I haven't had to have that happen yet, but we understand your worry and we would be too. Many many purrs, and know we are thinking of you!


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Well we had our vet visit today. They didn't have to sedate me, I was actually a very good boy and let them go ahead and shave me with no problems. I'm half naked now, but its better than having mats for sure!

Momma needs to lose weight, and is having joint issues. We're all going on a diet, and getting cosequin. All in all, it was a pretty good visit. Momma didn't bite or scratch any of the vet techs or the vet.

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I'm glad it all went well as I was going to suggest if it was possible to do it while you were awake. We had a vet that wanted to sedate me too, so the human took me to another vet clinic that was happy to shave me while I was just sitting there in a consult. It was done while the human was holding me. I have to admit I preferred that too. As the years went on, the more they took off me. I was almost bald on my last shave laugh out loud


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Well I take care of most of my fur well enough, it just has a wild streak on the underside. Can't do anything with it. I love being brushed though, so that helps.


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Many purrs to both of you. I have 2 long haired cats but fortunately, they like to be grooming (except for the bellies - that is a little bit of an argument). Sedating can be riskier as a cat gets older but I would make sure to check with your vet about it. Getting those mats out and not letting them build up is probably better for your cat!

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I had a long haired cat and got furminator. I love it. It gets so much fur out. You still need to stay onto of the grooming. I would put Ben between my legs and allow his legs be free so he didn't feel held down. You can use this furminator only on their backs. Their tummies are more sensitive. Groom as much as you can and let them go when have had enough. Try it again later. You want it to be a pleasurable experience and not a war between you and them. Ben, my Maine Coon, never had mats. good luck