losing a friend...

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old snobby
Purred: Wed Jun 20, '12 6:37pm PST 
on 6/01/2012 we lost "Meowze" who was 17 years old.
Although she found my daughter 12 years ago,my daughter saved her. The Wellness Clinic in Newtown Square were the only ones willing to help us at 11pm and with all options available sadly "Meowze" was euthenized; gently and painlessly, at a reasonable cost.
the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Socety gave us a very low Cremation fee, Which helped my daughter accepting her long time friends absence much easier to live with.
"Meowze" is missed by the human, feline and canine family she lived with. little angel


Always in our- hearts
Purred: Wed Jun 20, '12 9:34pm PST 
So sorry for Meowzie. I will keep your family in my prayers.


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Sun Jul 8, '12 3:30pm PST 
sorry for you loss - it seems Meowze had a good long life & was very loved.