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I should be entering military service next month (if I'm lucky though it'll be later), but I'm left unsure of what I should do in terms of providing for my 13 year old cat, Sophie, during my 6 year enlistment.

I don't want to send her to a rescue that will give her to someone and not stay in contact with me, but I want to give her the best that I can. I know that chances are higher that she'll cross the Bridge before I return state-side. My biggest problem is that after 13 years with her, when she does pass, it won't be me bringing her home for the last time.

I just don't know what I should do, or how I should handle this situation.

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I'm hoping it's later for you....it must be painful to leave Sophia. I don't think I could do it.

I'm wondering if there are any animal organizations that could provide Sophia with a foster home, one that you would be able to check in with to find out how she's doing.

Are there any responsible, trustworthy family members who could care for her in your absence?

Contact the Humane Society of the United States, and Best Friends Animal Society. Perhaps they have suggestions. I know that some military do travel and take their pets with them, depending on their assignment and where they are stationed.

Contact anyone you know who might be willing to offer Sophia a home when the time comes.

We are purring for you and this very sweet girl.


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I know some people do take cats to shelters because of deployment. That's sad because it is not a long-term job. The best thing you can do is find somebody to take care of your cat for six months and call that person every day so you can check on your kitty.

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I think it depends on what kind of job you will be doing in the military. My humans were in the airforce. They lived off base and at the time had flatmates. So there were no problems if they had to go away for a little while. Though I have to admit the longest the human female was away was only 6 months. She was in the airforce for 9 years. But.... I have to admit it was cheaper to live in barracks, but ..... no kittycry You will have a recruit course so you will defiantly need to find someone to look after them for at least the first 6 months to a year until you get all your training under your belt. It's just an ideathinking Is there someone you can ring? Maybe you can ring the base and ask to speak to someone in the job you are going to be doing. Ask them for some info on what is required for the job the training how long you will be away and do people live off base in this job.

When the humans were in they would sometimes have people ring or even some would go into work (on base) and laugh out loud One acted like they (the humans) were getting an interview to see if we were good enough for themlaugh out loud It was funny, they did join and the human did get to work with them, they were a laughlaugh out loud
Also, when the human female worked down in Antarctica she was working with a few people from the US Navy. They also had houses off base and had either flatmates or husband/wives living at home looking after their families.
So it may not be that badthinking
Good luck I hope it goes well and you enjoy it.

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This is Delyte. Do all of the things suggested above. There used to be someone on this list who was on active duty in Iraq and had someone who had volunteered to help the military by doing pet sitting services. So probably the bases and the local shelters know of people who will do this. You will probably have to live pet-free while you are in training, but not all of your hitch will be overseas on require living on a base, so you may get to live with your kitty again. And I am 17 and still holding on, so your sweet kitty may be able to be with you again. Giant purrs to you both. If we were not so overcrowded here, we would volunteer--it sounds like the most fun way to help our troops ever. cat on moon