Arthritis in old cats...any thoughts on treatment, please?

Share advice for keeping your aging cat happy and healthy

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Purred: Sun May 6, '12 6:01pm PST 
I've used Cosequin and Adequan. I've also used Metacam in the past but only for short term use...


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Purred: Tue May 8, '12 1:58am PST 
To everyone who responded......thank you very much.....I have now got some Cosequin for the Auntie Miss Lillie .....it says it will take up to 10 weeks to notice a difference....well, from what everyone says, it should help the poor little soul....

I am now going to look up Royal Canin mobility food.....

But we've still got to stop her pulling the fur out of her back end.....it has been suggested that this could be a 'displacement activity' related to the pain in her legs.....don't know....

Anyway, she is a beautiful old cat (even with no fur on her bottom) and she sends soft meouws and kitty-kisses to all arthritis sufferers...

Jan and Auntie Miss Lillie

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Purred: Tue May 8, '12 9:51am PST 
This is Delyte. Did you try putting a small t-shirt on her to see if that keeps her from getting at the fur? It can't cover her entire rear end, but it might slow the process down. Also, when I wore my doggie sweater, it kept my hips warm and that might help the arthritis. Poor Miss Lillie, to have arthritis and to have it exposed to the cold also, that would only make it worse. We hear that it has not been exactly balmy in the UK recently. I'd send her my doggie sweater if you think she will wear it? Giant purrs, and hope the medication works much faster than expected! cat on moon


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Purred: Thu May 10, '12 8:57am PST 
For the last poster - go through Amazon.com. I have gotten bottles of Cosequin for $12-$13. I just bought a 4 pack for $52, and got it shipped free!

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