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~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

Purred: Tue Feb 21, '12 3:31pm PST 
My mother passed away last Thursday. Her cat Timmy has lived in my mom's home all of her life and she is now almost 15. Timmy was on mom's bed (with us) when mom passed.
My brother lives next door and we decided to move Timmy to his house - so that she will be near where she always has lived. We took her bowls and her bed as well as her favorite toy to my brother's and isolated her in a bedroom -even though she has met most of my brother's cats and his 2 dogs we thought Timmy needed some time to adjust. We took mom's bathrobe and put it in Timmy's bed. I feel so bad for this sweet little girl.
Anyone think of anything else we should or could do?


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Large doses of love and affection are definitely in order! This cat's world just changed, and You're already doing a good job making sure she feels at home. smile Bringing the things she had from her old home was a good idea, as that will make it easier for her to adjust.

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Sounds like you are doing all the right things now, but as the other poster said, lots of love and attention will help Timmy adjust as well. We are SO glad there was a loving home for him to go to where he knows the humans and animals.

We send our sincere sympathy to you and your brother on the loss of your mother.

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Thanks for your responses. Timmy is getting LOTS of love and attention.
She seems to be settling in fairly well (still being isolated) and has started to eat a little.
My brother said she slept on the bed with him last night, but is still a bit skittish.
If it doesn't work out at his house I will bring Timmy home with me and attempt to settle her in here, but we will give my brother's home a few weeks first.
The only problem might be the dogs, she really is afraid of them, even though she has seen them before. And one of the dogs has some behavior issues. Hopefully things will go smoothly for all.
Thanks again!

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Just a lot of TLC....I had to bring in my Moms older cat into my home 2 years ago when my Mom had to be moved into a broad and care home...she isn't the friendly so I can't have her out with my cats, but I do go in each day several times and spend time with her...and she comes out in the front of the house when my cats are in the back...she has adjusted well and she knows she is loved....

You are doing all that you can...TLC goes a long way!hug