how do you know what type of blue you have?

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my blue boys
Purred: Tue Dec 10, '13 9:03am PST 
i have 2 blue baby boys. Im not sure what they are. They dont have their true eye color yet they are only 4 months old. their paws are muave colored like the russian. what others ways can i tell?

Luna Blue

Purred: Mon Dec 30, '13 10:08pm PST 
Well, without papers, you really can't prove they are Russians. They have cobra-like necks/heads, they are muscular. Their fur is short, double coated, really soft. The green eyes, mauve paws are two traits of a RB. They have mouths that appear to be smiling and their noses are black triangles. There is a page that describes the four-blue cat breeds.

Other than the papers, or knowing the breed of both parents, it's going to be considered a domestic short hair cat.

I couldn't post the link to the page I wanted to send you to. Google "Is My Cat a Russian Blue?" and you should find a link to the russianblue dot info site.