Who Am I?

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Six Toes Are- Better Than Four
Purred: Thu Nov 18, '10 9:11pm PST 
I have seen a lot of other cats on here that are RB and RB mixes and feel they look a lot like me. However, I do not know what I am. I have sold silver blue-gray fur, purple pads on my paws and my eyes are a mint green color.
I had a lot of sisters though, and only one of them was sold gray like me, two others were all black, three were gray and white tabby, one was a black and white tabby, and the other looked like our mom who was gray and white.

I also always feel like the odd ball, as I've always been a big cat, I weight 25lbs. But people seem to make a big deal about it, I'm over 22inches long and don't think this seems odd.Can anyone help me?