How much to feed kittens?

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I am still new to raw, feeding 2 of my 5 kitties raw, started the end of January. Have been feeding my dogs raw since 2010. Anyways we will be adding a little foster kitten to our family permanently. She is 7 weeks old. How much should I be feeding her? She eats whatever is put in front of her at the moment and she LOVES raw, steals it from the big cats and the dog lol, so I have been feeding her mostly raw food. I just like to prepare meals ahead of time and was wondering how much I should be feeding the little squirt a day? She is about 1# 5oz right now.


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Kittens are pretty much bottomless pits, mol. They have (and use) so much energy that they can easily eat twice as much as a full grown cat. I would experiment and let her eat as much as she wants. Then after a week or two you can gauge how much you'll need per day.

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What BK said laugh out loud Leroy ate 4 oz of raw food per day as a kitten, 2 oz in the morning and 2 oz in the evening. He needed a lot of food to keep his zoomies going laugh out loud As he got older his appetite changed. He wouldn't eat 2oz for a meal (left food in the bowl) so Human gave him 1 oz. These days Leroy eats 1 oz three times a day.

So just feed your kitten as much as he wants and adjust the amount and number of meals as needed as he grows up smile