Camel, Venison Neck, Stomach & Uterus

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Hello raw friends! Meowma has just been fortunate enough to come upon a meat supplier that might be able to provide her with some novel proteins for my food (including bison, kangaroo, venison, quail, rabbit, elk, ostrich, duck and wild boar) and is very excited. But some of the meats they offer I've never eaten before (I eat a frankenprey diet) and she has questions about the nutrition of these meats.

First up is camel. She can get camel trim for about $4,74/lb (and I eat about 1/4 to 1/3 of a pound of meat a day as I am only 9lbs!) and this makes it one of the cheapest novel proteins they offer- but Meowma has never fed camel before and thus doesn't know how fatty/nutritious it is. Has anyone fed camel before? Is it a good option for a frankenprey diet? How fatty is it?

The next is venison neck meat. I've had venison before (and I loooove it) but only when I first started raw and was eating premade. This company offers venison neck meat for $5.03/lb (again, cheap for me!) and Meowma would love to add some more venison to my current lineup of mostly chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and pork. Has anyone fed venison neck meat before? I imagine it's rather tough. I'm a buzzsaw on just about any meat Meowma gives me (I can go through a chicken femur in about 10 minutes) and she loves giving me food that gives me a dental workout and keeps my teeth pearly white. Is venison neck a good option?

The last two aren't from this supplier, but just things Meowma has recently noticed at the asian grocery store most of my meat comes from. They have pig uterus for dirt cheap as well as pig stomach. Now once Meowma got over her "ICK!!" at the uterus, she started wondering if it would be a good meat to add to my diet. Would it count as muscle or organ meat? Likewise for the stomach... she knows tripe is healthy but is not sure if the stomach at the store is similar,

Any tips would be great!