Is this easy raw diet good and balanced?

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We were looking at cat videos with my human and we stumbled upon this girl who shows what she feeds her cat, it is very EASY to make and not so complicated like some other recipes my human has read, but we are wondering if it is balanced and good?
Also isn't that amount much for a single meal?
We would love your opinions because if it is a good diet this is something my human could do as it does not take up so much space and is quickly put together.


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Ingredients in each cup:

One whole shrimp
One chicken gizzard
One chicken heart
One chicken liver
A rather large piece of fish
Some raw chicken
Powdered egg shells

Before serving, add salmon oil and taurine.

It's kind of like a frankenprey diet thinking I think most frankenprey diets only have one muscle meat, not some muscle meat and some fish/seafood thinking

A raw food diet doesn't need to be complicated. You can buy commercial raw pet food. Or you can add a pre-mix to raw meat. The pre-mix is a powder that contains all the vitamins and minerals a cat needs. TC Feline is one brand. Their European web site is http://tcfeline.com/tcpremix-europe/

You can post over in the Raw Food Diet forum here on Caster for more info on raw diets smile

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Others can probably answer better since I feed a commercially prepared raw diet (but I fed my dog a home-prepared raw diet for several years). I think the lady in the film has a good system going of preparing a bunch of bowls of food at a time and it's great that she is feeding large pieces which forces the cat to gnaw and clean its teeth while it eats. I think she might be including too much liver and isn't using any other organs from what we can see. I believe the ideal is to feed an adult cat 2-3% of their body weight per day, and 10% of the diet should be organ, split into 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ. I am leery of using raw fish, but many people do. I don't like that she only seems to use eggshells instead of bone. I believe edible bone (chicken wings, etc) are much better than eggshell or ground bone. The salmon oil and taurine are great additions. So, I think she has a good system and some good additions, but I would like to see her feeding bone-in meats instead of all boneless and I would like to see other organs used as well. Heart, by the way, is not considered an organ, and it is a great natural source of taurine.

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Thank you both unfortunatly commercial raw pet food premade powder for raw food is not available here in Spain, we have searched. The only raw pet diet available is from some butchers that sell bags of meat scraps for cats and dogs but it is left overs and usually not fresh or balanced and has a bunch of no-no stuff in it like pieces of sausage, chorizo, ham...


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The correct proportions for a raw diet are 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ. You need the bone for dental health and I don't know how a cat could eat enough eggshells to get proper amounts of calcium. Personally, I don't feed fish - I worry about mercury and other contaminants. Come on over to the raw forum and we can help you sort this out. A raw diet would be ideal for your cats.