Am I doing this raw thing right??

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Purred: Sun Oct 20, '13 5:44pm PST 
My cats are really digging the Blue Ridge Beef kittie grind. They have Iams hairball control dry kibble all day, (free range) and beef grind in the morning and in the evening. This is the pure beef, no bones, organs, etc. Are my cats going to get all the vitamins and nutrients they need this way?


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I'm sorry to say you have two big problems here. First, you should never mix kibble and raw within 12 hours of each other. While raw digests quickly, kibble takes so long that raw can get backed up behind it and cause bacteria to build. Also, just ground muscle meat is not balanced enough for a meal. It's fine for a treat now and then but it is not nutritionally complete. You need 80% muscle meat, 10% bones, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ.

Please take a look at catinfo.org for all the details!

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Here is the product info: http://www.carnivorecarryout.com/Blue_Ridge_Beef_Kitten_Grind_p/brb-ktgr.htm

It looks like it is just 100% meat shrug So no, it is NOT a complete diet for cats.

As BK said, never feed dry food and raw food within 12 hours of each other. Your cat will get an upset tummy.

Are you planning to do 100% raw food? Or a mix of raw food and commerical dry or canned food?

If you plan on feeding 100% raw food, then you need to feed a 100% complete balanced diet. There are commercial brands you can buy the the pet store, like Nature's Variety Instinct. If you want to make your own raw food, check out Catinfo.org for the basics of raw food making and a good recipe. There is also "frankenprey" which is 80% raw meat, 10% bone, and 10% other organs like liver and gizzard.

If you plan to feed a mix of raw and commerical food, then you could continue with what you are doing EXCEPT instead of leaving dry food out in between the raw meals leave a good quality canned food out. Or, leave out freeze dried raw. Freeze dried raw is dry and crunchy like regular dry food but a lot healthier. Stella and Chewy's is one good brand.


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I do not raw feed,except as an occasional treat for those that like it. but know Blue Ridge very well, great company. The kitten Grind is intended to be used as the meat portion of a raw diet, the Kitten MIX does have bone and organ in it. I think it's very important to know that Blue Ridge really does organic raise its own animals on pasture, here in GA ; no buying livestock that are from or have been fed who knows what or where. I am not into the organic, raw, etc but can tell you from seeing the place and etc if I was going to feed raw it would be this product.